Mining for the Modern World

How does the global minerals market affect the development, growth, innovation and technological advancements of local markets?

The 2019 SME MN Conference is an investment in your career advancement. Our world is getting smaller each day and this conference promises to examine how global events and economies affect you and your career. Hear from professionals in the industry and see how you can not only survive but thrive in this modern world.

What does Mining for the Modern World mean to you?

Every year, nearly 20 tons of new minerals must be provided for every person in the United States to make the things we use daily, from the iron ore used to build cars, buildings, and bridges to the copper used to carry the electricity powering your laptop.

To thrive in this modern era of mining we must rapidly adapt to the ever-evolving expectations of our industry. By leveraging technology, embracing modernization opportunities in operations and sustainability, and considering new mineral possibilities to broaden beyond the roots of the iron range, we insure a successful future.

A modern industry begins here.

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