Benefits of Exhibiting

The SME Minnesota Conference is a unique opportunity for companies in the mining and related industries to increase their profitability and develop new networks. Here are some of the reasons why your company needs to exhibit at the SME Minnesota Conference:

  1. Profitable Interaction

    One-on-one access to more than 800 qualified industry professionals eager to learn how your products and services can help their organization succeed in today's tumultuous market.

  2. Industry Insight

    Enhance and expand your understanding of the mining industry's purchasing strategies while participating in conference workshops, activities and functions.

  3. Identify Opportunities

    Create meaningful dialogue with conference attendees and help to create the perfect solution for their organization using your specialized services and products. The exhibit hall is the perfect place to do live equipment demonstrations, video demonstrations and to have open, honest dialogue with your current customers and prospects.

  4. Connect

    Learn how mining professionals and organizations are working together to pilot new initiatives, and plan your organization's marketing strategy to appeal to these new and emerging industry markets.

  5. Support the Local Industry

    The SME Minnesota Conference is a local conference, garnering the support of mining organizations from throughout the Midwest. Exhibiting at the SME Minnesota Conference shows support for the local industry and encourages local collaboration on trending mining issues affecting local economy growth and development.

  6. Amazing Exhibiting Opportunity

    Save valuable time, money, and achieve numerous sales and marketing objectives in an ethical, effective, and efficient forum.

  7. Customer Insights

    Gain valuable first-hand input and feedback from customers as they interact with your products and services on the exhibit hall floor. Gain a deeper understanding of what drives your target market and how your product helps them to solve their organization's greatest problems.

  8. Brand Recognition

    Increase exposure and brand awareness through your exhibit space on the expansive exhibit hall floor. Surrounded by industry leaders like you, our exhibit hall is known for hosting the top names in the regional mining industry today. Choose your perfect exhibit space today.

  9. Build Your Network

    The SME Minnesota Conference is the perfect venue to meet the movers and shakers of the industry, and to introduce them to your products and services. Network with peers and experts alike. Capitalize on this unique opportunity to discuss industry issues and share insights.

  10. The Premier Industry Conference of the Midwest

    Two days of in-depth technical sessions, networking, activities and functions make the SME Minnesota Conference one of the leading regional conference in the industry.

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